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The world remembers Armenian Genocide Day on April 24 – but few nations recognize it, Israel and the U.S. included via @all_israel_news

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Missile attack from Syria lands near Israel’s nuclear reactor after Israeli air strikes near Damascus

No injuries or damage reported and IDF maintains that target appears to have been unintentional

Egypt steps up coronavirus vaccine campaign amid surge in cases

Amid a surge in coronavirus cases, the Egyptian government has stepped up its vaccination push, increasing the number of vaccination centers and the rollout to include workers in ...

Two European dual citizens set for trial in Iran when nuclear talks resume

Pair have been held since October last year on undisclosed charges

Iran’s IRGC releases drone footage of US aircraft carrier and ‘suicide drone test’

Iranian media described the video as showing “remarkably close details of warplanes and other military aircraft and equipment on the US aircraft carrier.”

Pope Meets With Lebanon’s PM-Designate, Urges End of Crises

Francis also reaffirmed during the 30-minute audience his desire to visit Lebanon as soon as conditions permit, according to a statement from the Vatican spokesman.

UN reiterates it is not involved in Syrian presidential election

Comments came after Syria’s parliament confirmed Bashar Assad will run for re-election in next month’s poll

If Netanyahu is removed, can Naftali Bennett or Yair Lapid effectively confront threats from Iran, Hezbollah & Syria?

Former Israeli deputy national security advisor tells ALL ISRAEL NEWS it’s time for Netanyahu to go, but worries “very much” that neither Bennett nor Lapid are ready

Afghan talks in Turkey on hold after bomb rips through Kabul

US insists that the talks in Turkey are not a replacement for broader diplomatic efforts

Greece signs deal to provide Saudi Arabia with Patriot air defense system: Greek FM

“We signed an agreement to move a Patriot battery here in Saudi Arabia,” Dendias said, adding that he also signed a cooperation agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Assad to Run For Re-Election in May

This year is the 10th anniversary of a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters which triggered a civil war that has left much of Syria in ruins, Reuters reported.

Libyan factions face international call to step up peace process

Arab League, African Union, EU and UN call for accelerated efforts to improve security and fully implement ceasefire

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