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At Christmas tree lighting, Palestinian prime minister equates Muslims, Christians in struggle against Israel

Israeli foreign minister to visit Egypt amid rising tensions with Hamas

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Israeli foreign minister to visit Egypt amid rising tensions with Hamas

Also under discussion: The return of Egyptian artifacts reportedly illegally smuggled from Egypt into Israel

Take genocidal threats by enemy leaders seriously or pay the price, Rosenberg warns, pointing at Iranian regime

In a Q&A with at the Reagan Library, ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS founder warns that restarting Iranian nuclear deal will likely not lead to peace

A top Senate Democrat just urged Biden to return to ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against Iran – will other Democrats follow?

One Middle East analyst quips that Sen. Ben Cardin has rejected Biden’s ‘maximum carrot strategy’

ARISE panelists extol bilateral business and investment relations between the UAE, Israel since signing of Abraham Accords

UAE-Israel cooperation and collaboration has a transformative impact on the economy and society of the Gulf region

Israeli man stabbed in Jerusalem terror attack, assailant killed in controversial shooting captured on camera

This is the third attack in the past two weeks: Is the situation heading to an intifada?

ENEMY TURNED ALLY: UAE celebrates 50 years of independence today

Here is an excerpt from my book, "Enemies and Allies" looking back at the young nation's journey toward Gulf prominence plus normalization with Israel – and my front-row seat to ...

Regional players hoping Libya’s upcoming elections will lead to internal stability and have a positive impact on wider region

The international players behind Libya’s turmoil and presidential candidates pit Turkey and Qatar vs Egypt the UAE and Russia

Two Israelis rescued from mob by Palestinian police in Ramallah

The car of the two Israelis was torched but little is still known about how or why the pair was there in the first place

UAE implements most comprehensive legal reform since its founding 50 years ago

Reform includes more than 40 laws that affect women's rights, foreign workers, data protection and combating "fake news"

What on earth is wrong with the Nobel Peace Prize committee? What is the purpose of the award if the Arab and Israeli architects of the Abraham Accords can’t win it?

Yet, after reprehensible snub by the Nobel Committee, the UAE Crown Prince just received a very prestigious award and rightly so. Here’s the story.

UAE establishing $10 billion fund for investments in Turkey could be a conciliatory – not just economic – gesture

Regional rivalry, Turkey's harboring of Muslim Brotherhood have contributed to Ankara's isolation

Israel to issue permits to Gaza Christians to enter Israel, West Bank for Christmas holiday

Last year, however, Israel prevented Christians from leaving Gaza due to restrictions connected with the COVID pandemic

Abbas meeting Putin in Sochi to push for stronger Russian role in peace process

Russia may also be trying to mediate Palestinian reconciliation within Fatah and between the party and rival Hamas, according to reports

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