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In sign of new ties, Egyptian trade delegation visits Israel for first time in decade
#Israel #Egypt #trade

Erdoğan finally folds – lets Sweden, Finland join NATO
@rterdogan_ar @NATO #Sweden #Finland

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Erdoğan finally folds – lets Sweden, Finland join NATO

NATO has agreed to place 300,000 troops at high readiness from next year in face of Russia threats

Stunning archaeological findings confirm strong Christian connection to Iraq

A church in Mosul is being restored after an ISIS rampage left it in ruins

Jordan investigates deadly gas blast, Israel offers help

Toxic gas blast at the Aqaba port killed at least 13 and injured more than 250 

Jordan’s King Abdullah II says he would support a Middle East military alliance

Meanwhile, Israel joined a U.S.-led alliance – the Middle East Air Defense Alliance – last week

Iraqi prime minister makes another attempt to mediate between Iran, Saudi Arabia

Over the past year, Iraq has hosted five rounds of talks between the two countries

Dubai cuisine captures first Michelin stars of the Middle East 

This gastronomic recognition boosts Dubai’s position as a rising star in the Middle East and international scene

Israel, US and four Muslim nations participate in Negev Summit in Bahrain

Diplomats from six nations discussed way to increase regional cooperation and security, as nuclear talks with Iran are set to continue

Daughter of jailed Iranian dissident recounts hellish two years since her father was kidnapped

Jamshid Sharmahd faces the death penalty for “outrageous” charges while family pleads his case before governments and rights groups

New bill would further curtail freedom of the press in Turkey

Journalists protest across Turkey against draft bill to limit free speech

Iranian speedboat terrorizes US Navy ship, contributing to ongoing tensions in the Gulf

This is not the first time IRGC has confronted U.S. troops in the region

Iran claims to have arrested ‘Mossad agents’ on a mission to assassinate nuclear scientists 

The Islamic Republic says it detained the three “agents” in April and will soon bring charges against them 

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