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Mindy Belz

World magazine editor and Mideast correspondent

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Update from northeast Syria shows possibility for long-term stability

Having just returned from the region, I was encouraged by the people’s optimism and commitment to continue working towards a better future, despite the significant threats they ...

Why is Assad welcomed so warmly in the UAE?

UAE analyst suggests UAE relations with Assad regime is motivated by a desire to distance Syria from Iran's influence

UAE, Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations condemn remarks by Smotrich’s comment that there is “no Palestinian people” 

Remarks by Smotrich are called inciteful, harmful, occurring right before beginning of Ramadan 

Saudi Arabia announces Ramadan to start Thursday 

Observers were unable to spot new moon on Tuesday 

Saudi Arabia frees US citizen arrested over online criticism 

US-Saudi dual citizen was arrested in 2021 while visiting family 

Turkey approves Finland’s NATO membership, Sweden’s still on hold 

Erdoğan continues to play politics with NATO membership requests 

Recent Saudi-Iranian rapprochement may influence Bahrain to follow Saudi lead

Bahrain was one of the first Arab nations to sign the Abraham Accords peace agreement with Israel in September 2020

Saudi finance minister says country could invest in Iran ‘quickly’

Some in Israel are calling the agreement a setback in “efforts to build a regional coalition against Iran”

Iranian terror drones: Coming soon to a theater near you

The U.S. and Europe need to get far more serious about stopping Tehran before far more serious attacks occur

Muslim fatwa declares Gaza-based Hamas ‘illegitimate’ 

The fatwa, a religious edict, rebukes Hamas for its reign of corruption and terror against Palestinian civilians

Facing criticism from Islamist opposition party, Moroccan royal court defends relations with Israel

Amid recent criticism from within the Moroccan government, the Moroccan Royal Palace defended its relationship with the State of Israel

Iran looks to improve ties with Egypt after rapprochement with Saudi Arabia 

Egypt and Iran have had tense relations since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution

UNESCO plans to reconstruct heritage sites in Iraq

UNESCO has assisted in recovering almost 18,000 historical artifacts for Iraq over the last two years

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