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Groundbreaking: First of its kind cross-country kidney exchange between UAE, Israel takes place on Wednesday

Trouble in Paradise? Israel freezes oil deal with UAE over environmental concerns via @all_israel_news

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Israel concerned over possible new Russian policy on Syria

Israel is perplexed over the recent statement by Russian Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit concerning the interception in Syria of alleged Israeli missiles.  

Jordan Foils ISIS Plot to Kill Israeli Soldiers

Three members of the cell were arrested in February, while the fourth was apprehended at the end of 2020.

Swedish prosecutors charge Iranian for alleged 1988 ‘war crimes’

Human rights groups have been campaigning for years for justice for what they consider to be the extrajudicial execution of thousands of Iranians, mostly young people, across the ...

Saudi Arabia affirms support for Tunisia’s security and stability

The Kingdom called on the international community to stand by Tunisia

Ben & Jerry’s board chairman doubles down on decision to boycott West Bank

Anuradha Mittal insists the boycott distinguishes between Israel and “the Palestinian territories it militarily occupies”

Egypt discovers warship wreck from Greek Ptolemaic era

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the discovery of the wreck of a warship from the Ptolemaic period as well as the remains of a Greek funerary area dating ...

Biden ends US combat mission in Iraq after sealing agreement with PM Al Kadhimi

US has already moved towards training Iraqi forces

US Stresses Need for Constitutional Basis for Libyan Elections

He held talks with head of the Government of National Unity (GNU) Abdulhamid Dbeibeh bilateral relations, US support to complete the government’s work, the budget and the path ...

Iran protests spread to Tehran with chants against supreme leader

Another video showed protesters chanting “death to the dictator,” a chant used regularly in anti-government demonstrations in Iran against the country’s highest authority, ...

Oman vaccinates almost 2 million people against COVID-19

The number of people who took the first dose of a vaccine stood at 1,587,784

Tunisian president fires prime minister, defense minister, suspends parliament amid anti-government protests 

Move follows months of political deadlock and civil unrest but president denies this is a coup while opponents fear a new dictator has emerged

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