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Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas in Gaza, tests positive for COVID-19

Terror chief’s diagnosis comes amid massive spike in cases in Strip, with 9,627 active coronavirus infections recorded Tuesday; 32% of tests come back positive.

Palestinian-Israeli team discussing the transfer of tax clearance funds, says premier

This decision forced the PA to cut on its expenses and even paid its 170,000 employees only half their salary since May, promising to pay the remaining amounts after it finds the ...

Netanyahu Plans Visit to Egypt, Seeks Engaging in Regional Programs With Palestinians

More so, Netanyahu will review Egyptian-Jordanian-Palestinian contacts to advance the peace process and common positions on US policy.

Iran’s IRGC commander targeted by a drone near Iraqi-Syrian border

They could not confirm the identity of the commander, who they said was killed alongside three other men traveling in a vehicle with him

Turkish opposition politician investigated for criticizing Qatar military deal

We have reached a point where the state’s army is sold to Qatar in a first for the country’s history,” he said during a TV interview.

First photo of freed political prisoner Kylie Moore-Gilbert after Iran ordeal

Ms Moore-Gilbert, a lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute, was accused by Iran of spying for enemy states, including Israel.

‘Bethlehem is dead’ Underline: Pandemic robs West Bank city of Christmas cheer

Missing are the thousands of international pilgrims who normally descend upon the town. Restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops are closed

Iran to give a ‘calculated’ response to nuclear scientist killing, says official

Fakhrizadeh, long suspected by Western and Israeli government of masterminding a secret nuclear weapons program, was ambushed on a highway near Tehran on Friday and gunned down in ...

Algerian Lawmakers Protest EU Parliament’s Resolution

This comes in response to an urgency resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Nov.26, highlighting the “deteriorating human rights situation in Algeria.”

Israel-Lebanon maritime border talks postponed: Officials

The Lebanese security source said the reason for the delay was Israel’s rejection of Lebanese proposals.

President Abbas receives Arab League chief, Egyptian foreign minister in Cairo

During the meeting with Aboul Gheit, President Abbas briefed the Arab League Secretary-General on the latest political developments in Palestine as well as future steps related to ...

UN envoy claims support of key nations for progress in Syria talks

Mr Pedersen said he had been on a flurry of diplomatic visits in recent weeks, including trips to Tehran, Moscow and Ankara.

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