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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: As opposition to Iranian regime has risen among its citizens, salvations have skyrocketed across the nation

HISTORY: First UAE student ever starts courses at Israeli university

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Image Description ALL ARAB NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel C. Rosenberg (R) interviews Dr. Hormoz Shariat, evangelist and the founder of Iran Alive Ministries, at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, June 21, 2021. (Photo: All Arab News)

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: As opposition to Iranian regime has risen among its citizens, salvations have skyrocketed across the nation

Dr. Hormoz Shariat tells ALL ARAB NEWS that new Iranian president was handpicked by Supreme Leader in order to quash opposition, but Iranians are hungrier for the Gospel than he has ever seen

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Ten months after the two nations announced normalization, Israel’s new foreign minister to make first official visit to UAE

Visit comes after Netanyahu cancelled four scheduled trips to the Gulf state since the signing of the Abraham Accords

Biden administration not trading Syrian oil for aid corridors with Moscow

The Biden administration said Syrian oil is for the people of Syria, not for the United States.

Palestinians face stun grenades and ‘skunk water’ in street violence in East Jerusalem

There were violent confrontations between Israeli settlers, riot police and Palestinians on Monday evening

Arab League: Ethiopia Using Clashes as Cover Up for Domestic Problems

Aboul Gheit said in a television interview with a local Egyptian channel that both Egypt and Sudan have called for Arab support in their dispute with Ethiopia on GERD.

Iran says US criticism of election is interference in its affairs

Iran accused the United States on Tuesday of interference for saying its presidential election on Friday was neither free nor fair, Iranian state media reported.

France condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, concerned about human rights in Iran

Saudi Arabia’s air defenses destroyed 17 Houthi drones launched toward the Kingdom’s southern region on Saturday

Palestinians reject COVID vaccine shipment from Israel as batch set to expire in June

PA claims the doses received from Israel were set to expire soon and did not meet standards

Messianic Jews, Arab Christian leaders pray for unity in wake of Arab-Jewish unrest, violence

As Israel faces increasing threats and dangers, one pastor says “there is a deep meaning to standing for unity and praying for the safety of the people”

Egypt mobilizes Arab support in Nile dam dispute with Ethiopia

The foreign ministers of the Arab League called on the UN Security Council to urgently convene and discuss the dispute over Ethiopia’s controversial dam on the Nile River.

Millions of Syrians face worsening hunger as closure of UN aid corridor looms

Experts say local economy could collapse if Bab Al Hawa is closed to UN aid

Patriarch Bechara al-Rai Urges Lebanese to Hold Officials Accountable in Upcoming Elections

“This is the real revolution that we support and work to unify its vision, direct its efforts, and see in it the desired future for Lebanon,” the patriarch said in his weekly ...

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