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Mindy Belz

World magazine editor and Mideast correspondent

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MBS gets positive coverage in Arab media for his statements about Israel normalization

Many Arab-language outlets featured comments from Saudi crown prince on front page

Saudi Crown Prince MBS: If Iran gets nuclear weapons, we must have them, too

Blunt talk from the next Saudi king on how Tehran is pushing region towards race for nukes

Peace with Israel is getting ‘closer every day,’ says Saudi Crown Prince MBS with a smile

Fox News hosts an exceptionally rare interview with MBS – and in English

Done deal: Iran and US exchange prisoners, Tehran gets $6 billion  

Five Americans freed by Tehran in what is viewed as first step toward new nuclear agreement; Critics slam Biden administration for ‘hostage diplomacy’

Death toll exceeds 11,000 in Libya as humanitarian aid begins to arrive

UN aid agencies warn that the deteriorating situation in Derna could potentially lead to widespread malnutrition, diarrhea, dehydration and cholera

HUGE SUCCESS STORY: 1 million Israelis have traveled to UAE since Abraham Accords signed 3 years ago

Accords have been enormously positive, but Evangelicals can do more to help expand ties, tourism, and trade

Netanyahu blasts Iran for preventing one-third of UN inspectors from accessing nuclear sites

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a vocal opponent of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, blasted the Iranian regime.

WATCH VIDEO: Why might Saudi-Israeli deal happen faster than skeptics think? Because Bibi, MBS, Biden all want it to happen now

Saudis should welcome Biden’s help because they need bipartisan support more than ever

Saudi Arabia to use Israeli technology with Bahraini cooperation

Deal is significant as there still is no Israel-Saudi normalization deal

US House overwhelmingly passes bi-partisan bill sanctioning Iran as two ‘Squad’ members oppose

Act targeting human rights record, weapon production named in memory of Mahsa Amini who was killed by the regime

Over 2,000 people killed in floods in Libya

War-torn country suffers from inadequate and collapsing infrastructure due to years of war and neglect

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