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BIDEN’S BIG SHIFT: The president is dramatically changing his position on Saudi Arabia – he’s now brokering historic agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, just installed a new U.S. ambassador to Riyadh, and may even visit the kingdom

Israeli court rules that Jews can pray on #TempleMount – but clarifies ruling ‘does not intervene’ with status quo. Ruling could inflame tensions especially in light of Jerusalem Day next week

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Turkish foreign minister reportedly wants to visit Temple Mount in Jerusalem without Israeli officials

Such a visit could imply that Ankara recognizes East Jerusalem as part of the Palestinian Authority

In Israel, a group of Iranians are pleading their case and asking the Jewish state to help their country break free of ‘thugs, mafia’ running Tehran

Delegation leader tells ALL ISRAEL NEWS Iranians need bread not bombs – and says media should pay attention to critical anti-regime protests

Taliban forces female Afghan TV anchors to cover their faces

New decree issued by the Islamist group orders female presenters to wear masks on air; all women also wanted to wear face veils in public 

Hezbollah lost a majority of parliamentary seats in last week’s elections – but will it make a difference?

While it is too soon to tell, one clear winner was Saudi Arabia, as the Iranian influence suffers a loss in Lebanon

Hamas leaders says terror group is preparing to break Israel’s naval blockade

Gaza Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar didn't give details, but sources say a run on the blockade will imitate March of Return protests at the land border

Report: President Biden could meet with Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman in June

U.S. officials told CNN that a meeting is a matter of “when” not “if” and will potentially take place during the president’s trip to the Middle East, which includes a ...

One couple establishes an organization to help – and integrate – people with disabilities in Palestinian society

After a decade in Haiti, the Vanderpools are bringing their transformational organization to the Middle East

Israeli tourism sector participates in one of the largest trade fairs in the Middle East

Arabian Travel Market kicked off at the Dubai World Trade Centre; Israel’s Ministry of Tourism hosts 17 companies in the Israel Pavilion

Iraq is wary of China dominating its oilfields with further investment

Iraqi oil officials fear further consolidation of fields by Chinese companies could accelerate an exodus of Western oil companies

Egypt hosts major church conference – but its own Coptic community still faces persecution

Organizations that monitor persecution say that Christians in Egypt are not protected by the government and face hostility from their neighbors

Iran is filling the Russian void in Syria – and this has neighbors like Jordan concerned

King Abdullah warns this gap will create more insecurities in the region, discussed cross-border attacks while on official visit in D.C.

Saudi Arabia, in changing itself, just might change the world

Evangelical pastor Bob Roberts writes that engagement with people of other faiths will lead to friendships – and that has to power to change the world

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