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Mindy Belz

World magazine editor and Mideast correspondent

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Israeli Navy declares newest battleship ‘ready for combat,’ advances warfare capabilities at sea

Testing of 'C-Dome,' military's naval version of Iron Dome, also successfully completed

Iranian drones gain anti-submarine capabilities to expand its navy warfare operations

Iran is eager to present itself as an innovative drone manufacturer and supplier

IDF finds ‘mock’ rocket launcher in northern West Bank, arrest terror cell

The Israel Defense Forces discovered a “homemade” rocket launcher on Wednesday in the northern West Bank village of Nazlet Zeid, close to the Jewish settlement of Shaked

Iran reportedly building new underground nuclear facility so deep, impenetrable to missile strikes

Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warns that Iran is also turning civilian merchant ships into ‘floating terrorist bases

Erdoğan fails to secure majority in Turkey’s presidential elections, second round to take place on May 28

Turkish president was unwilling to admit defeat in the first round but said he welcomes a second

Iranian lawmaker says Tehran plans to restore relations with Egypt

Iran's Foreign Ministry believes that improved relations between Cairo and Tehran will benefit the entire Middle East

During UN ‘Nakba Day’ event, Palestinian leader calls for Israel’s suspension, compares Israelis to Nazis

Abbas also accuses US and UK of establishing Israel for 'their own colonial goals and objectives'

Turkish voters head to the polls in the biggest political test to President Erdoğan’s two-decades rule

Recent polls predicted a dramatic win to Erdoğan challenger from the center-left, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, known as the ‘Gandhi of Turkey’

Lebanon’s political and economic challenges exacerbate in the absence of a president for the seventh consecutive month

The fall of Lebanon, the only Middle Eastern country with significant political influence for Christians, will be a dark chapter in the region's history, Lebanese politician tells ...

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