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Palestinians call for day of rage and general strike on Tuesday

Amid fighting between Israel, Hamas, Biden calls PA President Mahmoud Abbas

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MONDAY UPDATE: Pressure for ceasefire intensifying after 3,100 rockets fired at Israel, growing number of Hamas commanders killed, bases destroyed

UN Secretary General demands immediate halt to fighting – Biden resisting UN pressure, for now – Netanyahu vows to keep destroying Hamas capabilities

Israeli Arab Leader Mansour Abbas Visits Lod Synagogue Burned by Rioters: ‘Islam Is Not Like That, and True Muslims Are Not Like These’

During his visit to the Dosa Synagogue, Abbas said, “We are willing to take part in restoring the synagogues that were harmed. I will lead it.”

Evangelical churches hold global prayer for peace in response to Israel-Palestinian conflict

“We call upon Evangelicals, & others around the world, to pray for Israelis & Palestinians victimized by Hamas terrorists,”

France to lend Sudan $1.5bn to clear IMF debt

Paris hosting conference that seeks to kick-start Sudan’s economy

Palestine’s PM urges UN to declare Israeli measures in Gaza, West Bank illegal

The Palestinian health ministry said on Monday that the death toll in the Gaza Strip rose to 197, including 58 children.

Gaza pummelled by fresh Israeli strikes, more than 200 dead in a week

Overnight Sunday to Monday, Israel launched dozens of strikes in the space of a few minutes across the crowded coastal Palestinian enclave

Amid fighting between Israel, Hamas, Biden calls PA President Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas said he is ready to work with the Quartet to achieve peace based on UN resolutions, and with the U.S. to enhance bilateral relations.

Palestinian Evangelical pastor: ‘We ask Christians around the world to pray urgently and without ceasing for peace’

“Only the Prince of Peace – the Lord Jesus Christ – can bring peace to the hearts of everything in the Holy Land, to the Palestinians and to the Israelis.”

On the brink: Jews and Arabs more concerned with civil war than with rockets

Neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother in the streets of the Holy Land

Hamas scrambles to learn how Israel killed its military leaders hiding in secret locations

After Israel targeted and killed several of Hamas’ military leaders, the organization has grown more concerned about Israel succeeding in breaching the movement’s secret ...

Israel Strikes House of Hamas Political Chief in Gaza

“Both residences served as military infrastructure for the Hamas terror organization.”

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