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Sudan says public diplomatic ties with Israel require official White House signing ceremony via @all_israel_news

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – PART 1: Biden should be looking for a Plan B when it comes to the Iranian nuclear deal, Middle East expert tells Joel Rosenberg via @all_israel_news

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Sudan says public diplomatic ties with Israel require official White House signing ceremony

Unlike UAE and Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco did not hold signing ceremonies at the White House when they joined the Abraham Accords

Is Bennett’s refusal to meet his Palestinian counterpart a viable long-term policy?

After Defense Minister Gantz met with Abbas, Bennett’s opposition makes Israeli policy toward Ramallah seem contradictory and inconsistent. But is it?

Islamic State leader in Sinai surrenders to Egyptian authorities

The surrender of Abu Hamza al-Qadi to an Egyptian tribal union linked to the government could be a major blow to the terrorist organization.  

Experts say Iraq elections unlikely to change political system

Voter turnout must be high and independent candidates must stick together for meaningful change

Mass shooting at Russia university leaves six dead, six injured: Officials

The gunman was himself killed after the shootings at Perm State University, around 1,300 km (800 miles) east of Moscow, Natalia Pechishcheva, a university spokesperson, said.

Kremlin Confirms Upcoming Erdogan Talks on Syria

Despite backing opposing sides in both the Syrian and Libyan conflicts, Turkey and Russia have forged close cooperation in the defense, energy and tourism sectors.

Lebanese lawmakers convene to approve Cabinet after power delay

Lebanon’s worsening fuel shortages translating into few or any hours of state-backed power a day

Ex-Algerian leader Bouteflika, ousted amid protests, dies

Bouteflika became president of Algeria in 1999 as the former French colony emerged from a decade of civil war that killed nearly 200,000 people

Will Turkey choose ties with Egyptians, Emiratis, Saudis and Israelis over Muslim Brotherhood? 

After years of siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, Ankara increasingly finds itself politically isolated in a rapidly changing Middle East 

U.S. and Egypt Put Improving Egypt’s Human Rights on the Agenda

Both countries took steps aimed at improving Egypt’s poor human rights record, but rights advocates found them short of the mark.

Biden to withhold, restrict some military aid to Egypt

The move is a compromise that may disappoint some activists but nonetheless is arguably more human-rights-friendly than in the past.

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