The ALL ARAB NEWS site only went live on Tuesday, September 1st.

Yet already, Al Arabiya — one of the leading media companies in the region, the Saudi-owned satellite news network based in Dubai — has run a story based on an exclusive interview that was conducted by our editor-in-chief, Joel C. Rosenberg.

The ALL ARAB NEWS headline and subhead: In stunning statement, rarely uttered by Arab leaders, senior UAE official tells ALL ARAB NEWS: ‘Jews and Christians belong here’ in the Mideast, adding their ‘roots are in this region’ — Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi says UAE wants full peace with Israeli people, not just the government, including trade, tourism, technology and not just exchange of ambassadors.

The Al Arabiya headline: Israel agreement ‘not a political treaty, it’s a treaty of coexistence’: UAE official.

Excerpts from the Al Arabiya story:

  • The agreement between the UAE and Israel is more than just a political treaty between two governments and will endure despite policy differences, according to senior UAE official Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi.
  • “It’s not a political treaty, it’s a treaty of coexistence. It’s not a treaty between two governments only,” Al Nuaimi said in an interview with the recently launched news network All Arab News.
  • “We understand there might be political differences [between the countries] …but our vision in the UAE is that we will not let some of our political differences stop us from working hand in hand in the other [areas],” he added.
  • The remarks come as Emirati and Israeli officials are in talks to set up bilateral agreements that cover a range of sectors including tourism, telecommunications, culture, and healthcare….
  • The UAE and Israel are “part of one region,” Al Nuaimi said, adding that in the past, both sides were “victim of a narrative that divided us.”
  • “We feel that the UAE people are ready to make the right move, the next level with the Israeli people, to come together, to try to create a better future for both nations and for the whole region,” said Al Nuaimi, who is the founder and chairman of the World Council of Muslim Communities….
  • Al Nuaimi said that both Jewish and Christian peoples have a right to live in the region.
  • “Jews and Christians – their roots are in this area … they belong here,” he said.
  • “In the UAE we have many Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, we have Bahais – and they are all living in peace and harmony and enjoying a freedom of worship, of practicing what they believe in,” he added.

Several stories, in fact, on ALL ARAB NEWS have been cited or republished by a number of Arab and Israeli news outlets in the last few days.

“We’re encouraged,” Rosenberg said, “that ALL ARAB NEWS is not only covering the news, but making news, as well. With exclusive interviews, stories and polls, we want to help the English-speaking world — and especially the world’s 600 million Evangelical Christians — better understand what is happening in the Middle East and North Africa.”

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