Most American voters blame President Joe Biden and his administration for the chaos surrounding the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll that was released on Monday.

The poll found that 53% of likely U.S. voters believe the Biden administration “failed to take proper precautions against a Taliban takeover.” But 41% disagreed and said that chaos would have been inevitable when the American military left the country.

Also, more than two-thirds said they would support using military force to rescue Americans left behind.

This poll comes just days after another Rasmussen Reports poll on Sept. 1 found that 52% of respondents believe Biden should resign over his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Of that 52% of Americans, 75% of the Republican voters said they believe Biden should resign, compared to 32% of Democrats and 48% of independents.

In this same poll, 39% of the respondents disagreed, saying Biden should not resign, while 9% were not sure.

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