The Arab League met in Cairo on Sunday to demand the international community immediately designate the Houthi rebel group in Yemen a “terrorist organization” once and for all and get serious about the threat they pose.

Members of the pan-Arab organization specifically want the Biden administration to put the Houthis – which are armed, funded and advised by the Iranian regime – back on the U.S. “terrorist list” and to impose harsh economic sanctions.

Upon taking office in early 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden removed the Houthis from the list and began removing economic sanctions on the group, a move widely criticized at the time and ever since.

On Friday, ALL ARAB NEWS urged the Biden administration to fix the egregious mistake it made and start getting tough on both the Houthis and their terror masters in Tehran.


The League’s move follows repeated rounds of Houthi missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, including new attacks on both countries early Monday morning, one of which involved a rocket attack that wounded at least two civilians in Saudi.

The UAE launched a counterstrike against Houthi forces following the latest attacks.

Such Houthi acts of terrorism represent a “blatant breach” of international law and a “genuine threat to vital civilian installations, energy supplies and the stability of the world economy,” the League said in a statement, reported The National, a UAE-based newspaper.

“They also pose a threat to regional peace and security and undermine national Arab security.”

Gulf News reports that on Friday, “the UN Security Council unanimously condemned the Houthi strikes on the UAE,” whose UN ambassador denounced “these terrorist attacks.”


Dr. Anwar Gargash, the diplomatic advisor to the president of the United Arab Emirates, said the UAE has a “legal and moral” right to defend itself against attacks by the Houthis, reported Al-Arabiya.

Early Monday morning, “UAE fighter jets destroyed a missile battery that was used to launch rockets towards Abu Dhabi,” reports The National. “The attack took place at 4.10am, shortly after the launcher fired two ballistic rockets towards the Emirati capital.”

Both missiles were intercepted before hitting the Emirati capital.

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