Armed men reportedly stormed a hospital in northern Syria where an infant girl was receiving treatment after being miraculously rescued from the rubble following last week’s devastating earthquake.

Rescue workers discovered the newborn, Aya – whose name in Arabic means “a sign from God” ­– while looking for survivors in the ruins of the five-story apartment building in Jinderis, where the family lived.

The baby’s parents and four siblings were all killed in the earthquake, however, the newborn was miraculously discovered alive, despite being buried under rubble for more than 10 hours.

Since then, Aya has gained a worldwide following, as well as become the center of controversy.

Under anonymity, a local official revealed that the Syrian hospital director who, with his wife, has been personally caring for the infant, recently fired a nurse suspected of plans to kidnap the infant. Hours after termination, the nurse reportedly returned to the hospital in the company of armed men, who beat the director.

The official denied reports that the armed men intended to kidnap the baby.

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