Lebanon’s Minister of Defense Maurice Sleem survived an assassination attempt on Thursday, local media reported. The minister was targeted while driving in a convoy through the Jisr Al Bacha neighborhood, east of the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Two bullets hit the rear window of Sleem’s car, according to Lebanese officials who spoke to Reuters. No one was hurt in the incident and the minister was transported to a safe area.

Sleem was later quoted by local media confirming the incident in a brief statement.

“I am fine, but my car’s rear window was hit by bullets,” he said.

Lebanese security services are investigating whether the incident was a targeted attack or the result of stray bullets.

The Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen noted that Sleem’s Press office “could not confirm whether the shooting constituted an assassination attempt or indiscriminate fire.”

The incident comes one day after a truck carrying munition for the Hezbollah terror group overturned on a mountain road near Beirut. A shootout between Hezbollah militants and local residents then ensued in an area adjacent to a Christian town, Kahaleh. The shooting resulted in the deaths of two people, one of whom was a Hezbollah militant.

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