Great news this Monday afternoon.

ALL ARAB NEWS can report that a Palestinian judge decided midday local time to release Evangelical Pastor Johnny Shahwan from jail.

The move comes after the Palestinian Christian spent 40 days and nights incarcerated in very difficult conditions. This morning began Day 41.

Almost a week ago — last Tuesday night — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was briefed on Rev. Shahwan’s plight.

Abbas asked his attorney general and security services to carefully review the case.

Abbas indicated that he wanted to see the pastor released in the coming days.

The review was completed.

Today, the judge made his decision.

Palestinian Christians of several denominations have been praying and working for his release. They are rejoicing that this brother has finally been set free. He was released at 3 PM local time.

• Please pray for the Lord to grant Rev. Shahwan, his wife, Marlene, and their family comfort and help them recover from this traumatic and highly stressful period.

• Please pray for their physical and spiritual protection.

• Please also pray the Lord will show kindness on the judge and President Abbas for correcting this injustice and that nothing like this will be allowed to happen again to Palestinian Christians.

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