Former Palestinian negotiation advisor praises UAE normalization with Israel: ‘It can benefit Palestinians’

The United States, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates pulled off the rarest of feats on Thursday: a diplomatic win-win-win in the Middle East. President Donald Trump announced a historic breakthrough in which the UAE will normalize relations with Israel in exchange for Israel dropping its plan to annex parts of the West Bank that […]

Israel, UAE Deal Follows Years of Failed Peace Initiatives

A deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates intended to fully normalize relations follows a history of peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians and their Arab allies that have failed to overcome decades of distrust and violence.   Most Arab nations, including the UAE, have not recognized Israel or had formal diplomatic or […]

So far, the Saudis are being very quiet about UAE-Israeli peace deal. Why?

Based on my extensive conversations with senior Saudi officials over the past two years, I fully expect that we will hear praise from Riyadh and Jeddah for the peace deal that the United Arab Emirates have struck with Israel. But so far, we have heard nothing. The Egyptians immediately heaped praise on the UAE on […]

Washington Must Address Turkey’s Rising Aggression Amid COVID-19 | Opinion

Most of the headlines about COVID-19’s global upheaval focus on how adversaries like China have begun acting more belligerently against U.S. interests. But increasingly, Turkey, formally a NATO ally, is also taking advantage of the pandemic to expand its influence in very destabilizing ways across the Eastern Mediterranean, an area of growing importance to the […]

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