During an online interview with the Lebanese talk show, Perspective, Claudine Aoun Roukoz, daughter of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, said she wishes to see “a substantial base from which peace with Israel can be achieved.”

“I have said it before, and I will continue to repeat this,” Aoun Roukoz said, “I support peace after we will guarantee the demarcation of our borders and liberate our land and water.”

Israel and Lebanon are holding indirect negotiations – via U.S. mediation – over maritime borders. The dispute between the two Mediterranean countries is delaying oil and gas exploration in an area potentially rich in energy resources at a time when Lebanon is experiencing a severe economic and energy crisis.

When pressed over her support for peace with Israel, Aoun Roukoz replied: “With respect, all Arab countries normalized their ties with Israel. I support normalization and peace with Israel, since all Arab countries have done this already, and until when should we remain in a state of war? Hasn’t the time arrived for us to live in peace, and why wouldn’t I be able to go to Jerusalem within my lifetime? We have occupied Syria, like Israel occupied us, and we – Syria – displaced us and killed us, so why can’t we have peace with Israel?”

Aoun Roukoz is married to Lebanese member of parliament and former military general, Chamel Roukoz. She serves as head of the National Commission for Lebanese Women. It is not the first time that the top public figure in Lebanon has made such remarks.

In October 2020, Aoun Roukoz said in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV that as soon as border contentions and Palestinian affairs are resolved, she would “not mind that the Lebanese state makes peace with Israel.”

She has been harshly criticized for expressing such an opinion.

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