The Egyptian president hosted the Palestinian president and Jordanian king for a trilateral summit in Cairo on Thursday to discuss the Middle East peace process and the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas which ended the 11-day conflict in May.

At the tripartite summit – the first of its kind since 2017 – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah of Jordan aimed to solidify a common position on a Palestinian state ahead of a United Nations General Assembly meeting which will take place later this month.

Egypt and Jordan both have an interest in solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and maintaining security in the region.

The Palestinian Wafa news agency said another goal of the summit was to “urge the U.S. administration to fulfill its promises to preserve the two-state solution, through practical steps that put an end to the racist settlement policy, and work to open a political path that leads to ending the occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state and the right of return for refugees.”

After the meeting, el-Sisi said that “Egypt is continuing its diligent efforts with regard to the Palestinian question, in close coordination with the Palestinian brothers.”

El-Sisi previously invited Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to Cairo for a meeting that will mark a rare Israeli state visit to Egypt. No date has been set yet.

In April 2014, Israelis and Palestinians cut off talks. Palestinians blamed Israel for refusing to halt building settlements and for not releasing Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. A war between Hamas and Israel that summer caused a further wedge between the two and hindered the chances of getting any closer to a two-state solution.

Abbas thanked Egypt for its tireless efforts in supporting the Palestinians. Jordan and Egypt play a pivotal role in the region and frequently mediate in order to reach agreements or truces between Palestinians and Israelis. Egypt has recently increased diplomatic efforts in order to prevent further skirmishes.

Just this week, however, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited Abbas in Ramallah to discuss cooperation, financial aid and visas for Palestinians that work in Israel.

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