In recent weeks, university campuses across the United States have been gripped by a wave of anti-Israel and pro-Palestine protests that have seen the defacement of statues, violent clashes with police, the flying of Hamas and Hezbollah flags, and even calls of “death to America.”

Similar protests spread to the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, France, while in the German port city of Hamburg, over the weekend around 1,000 people marched holding posters with slogans like “caliphate is the solution” and called for the introduction of Sharia law.

Against this background, a statement made years ago by the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abdullah Bin Zayed, has resurfaced and widely circulated online.

“7 years ago, the UAE’s Foreign Minister issued a warning to the West,” the popular X account Visegrad 24 wrote while posting the short clip, with the video reaching an audience of over 67 million viewers. “His words now sound prophetic.”

Bin Zayed only replied, “I told you so.”

Speaking at a conference back in 2017, Bin Zayed had switched from Arabic to English to deliver a remarkable warning to the West.

“I know you have translation but I just want to make sure you get it right,” he began.

“There will come a day that we will see far more radical extremists and terrorists coming out of Europe because of lack of decision making, trying to be politically correct or assuming that they know the Middle East, and they know Islam, and they know the others far better than we do. And I’m sorry, but that’s pure ignorance.”

“He knows what he’s talking about,” 𝕏 and Tesla owner Elon Musk commented approvingly.

Among thousands commenting on Visegrad’s post was also the Israeli Christian Shadi Khalloul, president of the Israel Christian Aramaic Association (ICAA) and a captain in the IDF reserves.

“To those who shut up every voice talking about the danger of ISLAMISTS (sic), here is the Foreign minister of UAE saying it too. We need more people like him speaking about this evil,” Khalloul wrote.

Underscoring the growing alliance between radical leftist student protests and radical Islamism, the protests were praised by the official  𝕏  account of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Attaching a video with a collage showing students demonstrating and being arrested by police forces, Khamenei wrote: “See what is happening in the world. In Western countries, in England and France, and in states across the U.S. itself, people are coming out in huge numbers to chant slogans against Israel and America.”

“US & Israel’s reputation has been ruined. They truly have no solution,” he added.

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