In the past several years much has been said about Iran secretly developing nuclear weapons. Naturally, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations consider this as a big threat for the security of the whole region.

Meanwhile, Iran has built incredibly powerful and well-armed armies in Lebanon Syria, Iraq and Yemen considered as “proxy” armies. These armies are extremely loyal to the Iranian regime and will do nothing less than what serves the Shiite dominance in the region, taking orders straight from Tehran and fulfilling to the letter their purposes and objectives.

In 2006, the war between Hezbollah and Israel showed the evil of such a plan of training and arming thousands of men ready to die for this cause. At that time Hezbollah unleashed several thousands of missiles on Israeli towns and facilities.

Since then, Hezbollah has built an arsenal of over 150,000 missiles, all stationed and strategically placed in civilian areas using people and civilian facilities – like homes, schools, mosques, etcetera – to create “human shields” they believe Israel will dare not hit.

This, in my opinion, is the greater threat to Israel and the region.

Hiding each missile amongst people and civilian establishments makes it morally and ethically impossible for Israel to eliminate those missiles.

Hezbollah thinks it leaves Israel with its “hands folded,” wondering how to conquer such an evil plan.

Having Iran with a nuclear weapon is one dangerous threat. But having 150,000 missiles individually scattered and placed amongst people in cities and towns on the border of Israel, is a very serious and dangerous threat, as well.

I was reading recently in the book of 1 Samuel, the story of Jonathan and his armor-bearer going solo against a group of Philistines, prompting the Lord to cause great disturbances amongst the huge well-armed army of the Philistines. This ended with a great victory for Israel. The Bible notes that at that time Israel was very poorly armed. They did not have weapons with which to fight their enemies. In fact, the scriptures say that even if they needed to sharpen a tool they had to go to the Philistine camp and pay a price.

But God granted Israel the victory through prayers and the courage of just one man.

Today as an Evangelical Christian who was born and raised in Lebanon, I have witnessed the devastating war that happened in 2006.

I know well that the greater threat lies in this evil plan of Iran’s proxy armies, well-armed with missiles hidden in civilian institutions, and using people as human shields.

When I read the Holy Scriptures, I believe that the solution is clear: it is time to call upon Arab and Israeli Christians to unite together humbly before the Lord, seeking His face in prayer and fasting.

With evil plans like Iran’s and Hezbollah’s in motion, only the all-powerful Lord our God can save us, protect us and set us free.


The author is a Lebanese Evangelical Christian leader.

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