An Iranian protester was tried without a lawyer on Monday and publicly executed after appearing in court showing injuries indicative of torture and undergoing what opposition activists called a sham trial.

Majidreza Rahnavard, 23, was charged with stabbing to death two and injuring four members of the Basij Resistance Force, a volunteer paramilitary organization operating under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. 

Twenty-three days after Rahnavard’s arrest, the court convicted him of “enmity against God” and promptly hanged him from a crane as a warning to others.

According to the BBC, Rahnavard’s family did not know he was to be executed until after the act, when an official telephoned the family at 7 a.m. to say: “We have killed your son and buried his body in Behesht-e Reza cemetery.”

Iranian activist Masih Alinejad expressed outrage at the execution on social media, saying the “Iranian regime gives the finger to world opinion and holds a public execution of a second protester in the city of Mashhad. #MajidrezaRahnavard’s crime was protesting the murder of #MahsaAmini. The regime’s method on dealing with protests is execution. E.U., recall your ambassadors.”

The Islamic regime has sentenced at least 10 people to death amid ongoing anti-regime protests in Iran, while many more await trial on charges that could carry the death penalty. 

It is estimated that the regime has killed as many as 488 people since the demonstrations began in mid-September; another 18,200 have been arrested, according to the organization Human Rights Activists in Iran, which has been monitoring the protests.

Rahnavard was arrested for protesting against Basij “student” volunteers, whom he reportedly believed were indiscriminately killing protestors. The Basij is the main force being used by the state to control the protests and are reportedly quite vicious in their approach. 

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