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​It’s no secret that Iran has been developing its offensive military hardware and capabilities for decades.

Although the West has been focused primarily on Tehran’s illegal and highly dangerous nuclear program and ballistic missile capabilities, the war in Ukraine has shown Iran’s ability to wreak havoc with a far less expensive form of weaponry: drones.

In fact, Iran is quickly becoming one of the world’s largest producers of drones.

Some are armed with missiles.

Others that are laden with explosives can operate “suicide” missions by flying directly into their targets.

Still others are more advanced UAVs that our enemies can use for reconnaissance missions.

All of them pose real and rising threats to the United States, to America’s Western allies in Europe and in the Arab world, and to Israel.

And one thing is clear: the Iranian regime is exploiting the war in Ukraine as an opportunity to showcase its manufacturing abilities. 

​That said, if there’s a silver lining to Russia’s savagery in Ukraine right now, it’s that more and more Western countries are realizing how poisonous the Ayatollahs truly are.

Allying themselves staunchly in the Russian camp and becoming Moscow’s biggest backers, the terror masters in Tehran have never been this entrenched in such an anti-Western bloc.

If Washington handles the messaging and diplomacy correctly, this – combined with the brutality the Iranian regime is showing against its own citizens, and especially against women – could help broaden, deepen, and even solidify a true global alliance against the mullahs.

While Iran may have tried to maintain a façade of engagement with the West by negotiating the JCPOA, all bets are now off.

The mask has come off.

The sheer evil of the Supreme Leader of Iran and those around him continues to be exposed to the world.

 Now is the time to do two things.

First, the world needs to unify to re-impose on Tehran the “maximum pressure campaign” wielded so aggressively and effectively during the Trump-Pence years, led by then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

 Second, the U.S., Israel, and their Sunni Arab allies need to unify to develop a true military option capable of neutralizing the Iranian nuclear threat as well as neutralizing Tehran’s use of terrorism in all its forms, including its production and deployment of terror drones.

If the West fails to do these things – and specifically if President Biden and his team don’t immediately take the lead on both policies – the Iranian regime will become even more emboldened and brazen in its use of terror.

Tehran will accelerate and expand its production and proliferation of terror drones to Russia and Iran’s proxies around the Middle East.

With Russia buying in mass quantities, the Iranian war chest will invest profits into researching and developing better, improved drones, instead of aiding their citizens who are suffering under the regime’s destruction of the economy.

The Houthis will start crashing drones into neighboring Saudi Arabia, exacerbating the conflict in Yemen and roiling global oil markets.

Hezbollah and Hamas could start using Iranian drones aggressively to wage terror attacks in Israel.

Who is to say that the remnants of al Qaeda and ISIS won’t soon start using Iranian terror drones to murder and main, too?

While these regions are already plagued with conflicts, the presence of Iranian drones will be akin to pouring gasoline on the simmering fire. 

​And there are other very real potential targets for Tehran, as well — the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, indeed, any country that has signed on to the Abraham Accords, or wants to in the future.

Consider Morocco.

As Rabat works hard to strengthen its relationship with the West and Israel, it’s facing an increasingly hostile neighbor in Algeria.

 As I have written about before on ALL ARAB NEWS, Algeria is steadily becoming a close Iranian ally.

Algiers is thus another grateful recipient of drones.

With the Polisario Front – Morocco’s belligerent rival over the latter’s claim to sovereignty in the Western Sahara – being next in line for Iranian drones, another proxy conflict faces escalation thanks to Iranian meddling. 

With stability in North Africa a key Western priority, this destructive trend of drone proliferation must be stopped sooner rather than later.

The bottom line: From the southeast in Yemen to the northwest of the Middle East in Morocco, Iranian drones are coming to a theater near you.

The U.S., Europe, and other Western countries better start using their leverage with countries like Algeria to peel them away from the Iranian orbit.

What’s more, Washington better get serious – deadly serious – about stopping the Iranian regime’s expansionist, fundamentalist, apocalyptic policies from claiming further victims before far more serious and deadly attacks occur.

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