JERUSALEM — The formal peace agreement between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain is expected to be ratified by the Knesset, Israel’s 120-seat parliament, next week.

A Knesset source tells ALL ARAB NEWS that the peace treaty was supposed to be voted on this week.

However, the decision was made to delay until after the tumult over the American presidential and congressional vote has passed.

“Everyone is waiting for the results of the U.S. election,” the source said.

A delegation of senior Israeli and American officials flew to the tiny island state last month where Israel and Bahrain formally declared peace and signed an agreement to establish formal diplomatic relations at a ceremony in Manama.

Both the Bahraini and Israeli governments must separately ratify the treaty now.

The agreement is part of the Abraham Accords, the peace deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain brokered by U.S. President Donald Trump and signed in Washington on Sept. 15.

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