A Palestinian imam said that an Islamic caliphate blanketing the Middle East is more important than Palestinian statehood, during a recent sermon at Al Aqsa Mosque.

“The fact is that we do not belong to Palestine. On Judgement Day, nobody will summon the Palestinians to enter [Paradise] from a specific door. Palestinian citizenship neither unites nor separates us,” Issam Amira said in a sermon published on YouTube on Oct. 25.

According to a translation provided by MEMRI, he said that all Muslims are united by their religion and that national borders are a “colonial heretical innovation.”

Islamic identity supersedes nationalism, he said. 

“This national colonial heretical innovation was created by Sykes and Picot, who divided us into Palestinians, Jordanians, Algerians, Sudanese, and so on. A century has passed, and we are still suffering from this national-based division. This division is rotten. It stinks. Anyone who says that there is a Palestinian camp is deluding himself and does not know how things work,” he said. “What is our identity? Muslims. We are Muslims.”

Calls for a Palestinian state are “misguided and lost,” Amira added.

“The Islamic land covers 20 million square kilometers. Listen to this: 20 million square kilometers! I’m talking just about the land, without the sea. Historical Palestine in its entirety is just 27- or 28,000 square kilometers,” he noted.

“Even if they establish their state on Palestine’s soil in its entirety, without a single Jew in it, they will be considered to be misguided and to be leading [people] astray, just like Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Indonesia and Pakistan,” he said. “There is no such thing as a Palestinian state. There is only Islam. The political system in Islam is a caliphate.”

Amira declared the identity of all Muslim-majority nations “null and void” and said that “national sentiment and pan-Arabism are deplorable terms that cannot coexist with Islam.” 

This is the same imam who in August 2021, after the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan leaving it to fall into the hands of the Taliban, called on the group to declare a caliphate and then come to Jerusalem to “liberate” al Aqsa Mosque.

“Afghanistan should declare [the establishment] of the second rightly-guided caliphate, which follows the path of the Prophet — and not [just] an Islamic emirate. Soon, the people of Pakistan will kick out their treacherous rulers, join the caliphate, and follow it. All the countries of the Fergana Valley will also follow it, and join it quickly and amazingly. You will all come to Jerusalem, as conquerors and liberators of our al Aqsa Mosque, which belongs also to you and to all the Muslims, from its imprisonment.”

Amira also praised the terrorist who beheaded a history teacher in France in 2020 and has been banned by Israeli police from the Temple Mount for incitement, praising the Islamic State and encouraging honor killings and terrorism.

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