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Egypt plans to use ruble in trade with Russia

Egypt and Russia seek to switch to local currencies in their trade transactions to overcome obstacles created by Western sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine war

Egypt, Congo boost ties with electricity deal

Egypt and the Democratic Republic of the Congo agreed to partner in the field of electricity as part of Egypt’s plan to boost its presence in the African continent amid the stalled talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis

Saudi Crown Prince Kicks off Regional Tour in Egypt

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, arrived in Egypt on Monday as part of a regional tour that will take him to Jordan and Turkey

New archaeological discovery in King Khufu’s reign

An Egyptian-German archaeological mission working in Matariya discovered granite stone blocks from the era of King Khufu in the Temple of the Sun, in addition to other rare artifacts

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Stunning archaeological findings confirm strong Christian connection to Iraq #ISIS #Christian #Distruction

Jordan investigates deadly gas blast, Israel offers help
#Israel #Jordan #gas

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