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Death toll of Lebanon migrant ship tragedy rises to 89

Eighty-nine bodies have been recovered since a boat carrying migrants from Lebanon sunk off Syria's coast, Syrian state media said Saturday, as the Lebanese army said it arrested a suspected smuggler behind one of the deadliest recent shipwrecks in the eastern Mediterranean

Lebanon investigates recorded death threats against Saudi embassy

Lebanon's interior minister on Wednesday asked security forces to investigate death threats against the Saudi embassy in Lebanon after Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Lebanon shared a recording containing such threats on his Twitter account

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One small hotel – one giant leap for Palestinian society

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at UN: ‘Israel is destroying the two-state solution.’ Abbas said the Palestinians do not have an ‘Israeli partner anymore’ to whom they can talk, yet only a third of Palestinians support a two-state strategy. @all_arab_news https://allarab.news/palestinian-leader-mahmoud-abbas-at-unga-israel-is-destroying-the-two-state-solution/

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