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Political battle in Libya reaches Supreme Court

The eastern-based House of Representatives has launched an offensive on the judiciary that threatens to politicize one of the sectors of the country that had been able to remain to some extent outside the national rifts and that could turn the conflict very legal in nature

Clashes rock western outskirts of Libyan capital

Libyan armed factions fought in the western outskirts of Tripoli late on Friday and early Saturday as forces aligned with Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah’s government further consolidated their control over the capital

Libya Clashes Kill 23, Spark Fears of New War

Clashes between backers of Libya's rival governments killed at least 23 people and damaged six hospitals in Tripoli on Saturday, sparking fears that a political crisis could spiral into a major new armed conflict

US Mediates between Libyan Rivals

The United States’ Ambassador to Libya has again sought to mediate between Libyan rivals to end the current tensions that have led to clashes in the North African country

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One small hotel – one giant leap for Palestinian society

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at UN: ‘Israel is destroying the two-state solution.’ Abbas said the Palestinians do not have an ‘Israeli partner anymore’ to whom they can talk, yet only a third of Palestinians support a two-state strategy. @all_arab_news

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