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US confirms first ambassador to Sudan in 25 years

John Godfrey has experience in the region and hopes to support efforts to return Sudan to a democratic transition, yet the leeway he will ultimately have remains to be seen

Sudan Wheat Harvest Waits to Rot as Hunger Crisis Looms

Looking at the sacks of wheat stacked in Imad Abdullah's small home, no one would guess that Sudan's food security is hanging by a thread after an October coup and Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Sudan to privatize army firms, says Gulf aid talks ongoing

Sudan is pressing ahead with plans to privatize companies owned by the military and is in talks with Middle East nations to help finance its cash-strapped economy, according to Finance Minister Gibril Ibrahim

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Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at UN: ‘Israel is destroying the two-state solution.’ Abbas said the Palestinians do not have an ‘Israeli partner anymore’ to whom they can talk, yet only a third of Palestinians support a two-state strategy. @all_arab_news

Protests in Iran continue, at least 50 killed amid internet blackout

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