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Sudan Wheat Harvest Waits to Rot as Hunger Crisis Looms

Looking at the sacks of wheat stacked in Imad Abdullah's small home, no one would guess that Sudan's food security is hanging by a thread after an October coup and Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Sudan to privatize army firms, says Gulf aid talks ongoing

Sudan is pressing ahead with plans to privatize companies owned by the military and is in talks with Middle East nations to help finance its cash-strapped economy, according to Finance Minister Gibril Ibrahim

Time is short for Sudan to resolve political crisis, Mission chief warns

Time is short for Sudan to reach a solution to its protracted political crisis, the Special Representative for the country told the Security Council on Tuesday, warning that if the impasse is not urgently overcome, the consequences will be felt beyond national borders, impacting a whole generation

Sudan Protests Escalate in Demand for Civilian Rule

Thousands of citizens protested in Khartoum on Monday denouncing the violence during Omdurman's rallies a day before that left a protester shot dead with live bullets and dozens injured

Israeli Delegation Secretly Visited Sudan

An Israeli delegation of security officials met with senior Sudanese military officials during a secret visit to Khartoum earlier this week, Israeli public broadcaster Kan reported Friday, citing Sudanese sources

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