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Tunisians begin voting for new parliament in disputed election

Tunisia's President Kais Saied urged citizens to vote on Saturday as polling booths opened for the first parliamentary election to be held under the disputed political structure he built after seizing broad powers last year

Few candidates run in Tunisian parliamentary elections

The first legislative elections under the new constitution are falling short on candidates, with some seats having no candidates at all, which some say shows a loss of faith in parliament under the current president

Long Petrol Queues Frustrate Tunisians

Frustrated motorists queued in long lines outside Tunisian petrol stations on Tuesday even after the energy minister had said a shortage would end on Monday with a new delivery of fuel

Tunisia Delays Case against Ghannouchi

A Tunisian judge on Wednesday put off a terrorism hearing against the main opposition leader Rached Ghannouchi until November, and said he would not be held in pre-trial detention, his lawyer said

Tunisian President Trims Parties’ Powers ahead of Elections

Tunisian President Kais Saied has made new changes to electoral law that diminish the role of political parties, three months ahead of legislative elections, in what opposition groups see as the latest step in a sweeping power grab

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#UAE decision to have Holocaust education in state schools met with mixed responses, anti-Israel rhetoric
Holocaust exhibition at Dubai museum has made dents in taboo on the subject in the UAE, but Holocaust denial remains widespread in the Arab world https://allarab.news/uae-decision-to-have-holocaust-education-in-state-schools-met-with-mixed-responses-anti-israel-rhetoric/

Tourism to beautiful #Bahrain surged to 10 million visitors in 2022 – now the @F1 Grand Prix will drive even more growth

@JoelCRosenberg With Dr. Nasser Qaedi CEO of @tourismbh

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