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At Least 20 Migrants Missing after a Boat Sinks off Tunisia

At least 20 African migrants were missing on Saturday after their boat sank off Tunisia as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to Italy, a judicial official said, amidst a sharp rise in migrant boats from the North African country

US Says Tunisia President Weakened Democratic Controls

Tunisian President Kais Saied has caused "enormous concern" about where Tunisia is headed with moves that have weakened democratic checks and balances, US Assistant Secretary of State Barbara Leaf said on Thursday

New Tunisian Parliament Begins its First Session

Tunisia's new parliament, elected in December and January in a vote with a turnout of 11%, sat for the first time on Monday in a session closed to all but state media and with the opposition coalition saying it would not recognize its legitimacy

Tunisian Union Holds Biggest Protest Yet Against Saied

Tunisia's powerful UGTT labor union rallied in the capital on Saturday in what appeared to be the biggest protest yet against President Kais Saied, staging a show of strength after his recent crackdown on opponents, Reuters reported

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