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UN Rejects Undermining of Transitional Process in Sudan

“We are also here to highlight the importance of the international community investing in these vital efforts through concrete action and delivery of pledges,” Guterres said in his opening speech.

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BIDEN’S BIG SHIFT: The president is dramatically changing his position on Saudi Arabia – he’s now brokering historic agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, just installed a new U.S. ambassador to Riyadh, and may even visit the kingdom

Israeli court rules that Jews can pray on #TempleMount – but clarifies ruling ‘does not intervene’ with status quo. Ruling could inflame tensions especially in light of Jerusalem Day next week https://www.allisrael.com/israeli-court-rules-that-jews-can-pray-on-temple-mount-but-clarifies-ruling-does-not-intervene-with-status-quo

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