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100 Houthi-Bound Drone Parts Seized in Yemen

Yemeni security agencies seized on Monday a shipment of some one hundred drone parts that were bound to the terrorist Iran-backed Houthi militias

Yemeni FM: Houthis Are A Security Threat to Yemen, Region

Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Bin Mubarak reiterated his warning against the danger posed by Houthi militias in both Yemen and the region. The top diplomat further accused Houthis of failing to prove themselves as “partners in peace.”

Arab Monetary Fund approves $1bn support for Yemen

The Arab Monetary Fund has signed a $1 billion agreement to support Yemen's economic reform programme under the internationally recognised government, Yemeni and Saudi state media reported on Sunday

Houthi Attack in Marib Kills 12 Civilians

The Iranian-backed Houthi militias targeted an arms depot in Marib city on Monday leaving 12 casualties, according to medical sources in the oil province, which includes the largest number of displaced people in the country

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