The Turkish opposition leader stressed the necessity of holding early elections in order to spare the country from further deterioration under the regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling party.

“Early elections must be held so that the situation does not worsen and its repercussions are borne by the poor, especially since Turkey is not managed by anyone,” Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) – the largest Turkish opposition party – said in an interview with the local TV station “Khabar Global.”


Kilicdaroglu criticized Erdogan’s economic policies, especially those that do not prioritize poor citizens, merchants, craftsmen and farmers.

“Those sitting in the palace do not know anything about what the citizens live,” Kilicdaroglu said.

He stressed that “Turkey, throughout the period of Justice and Development’s rule of 18 years, is facing many economic crises that reached their peak this year after the great collapse in the value of the lira against the dollar and other foreign currencies.”

He continued, “Why does Turkey borrow dollars? What is the point of that? And with this matter the system serves who? Is not the local currency of this country, the lira?”

He stressed that “the ruling regime has placed Turkey under the weight of debts and the first and only victim is the poor of this people, and most of them are in the era of justice and development.”

In a related context, the Turkish opposition leader pointed out that there has been a significant decline in the popularity of the “the audience” coalition, which is made up of the Justice and Development Parties and the opposition National Movement.

“There are opinion polls conducted by many research institutions that we trust, and their results showed a significant decline in support for the Justice and Development Alliance and the national movement, in exchange for an increase in the support for the opposition coalition,” he continued.

Kilicdaroglu pointed out that “the people are still following up on political developments in an effort to see the parties’ programs, to see which of them will get the country out of its crises, and from the swamp in which it fell, to return to its normal course.”

He stressed that his party “will work to solve all the problems that the country suffers from, and make it a peaceful country with the whole world, enjoying full democracy, after it is classified as the third degree in terms of democracy, and this is what made it lose development and progress in the light of justice and development.”

Speaking to the Erdogan regime, Kilicdaroglu warned, “If you usurp democracy and turn the country into a one-man system, Turkey will not have any opportunity for growth. Under the regime’s policies, a handful of people are getting richer and making millions, and there are others who cannot find their day’s food.”

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