After 35 days in jail, Palestinian pastor Johnny Shahwan may be released soon, possibly as early as today.

Arab sources tell ALL ARAB NEWS that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was briefed on the case several days ago.

Abbas also reviewed the case more closely on Tuesday night.

At that point, Abbas authorized Shahwan to be released soon, pending a review by the Attorney General.

Movement in the case accelerated on Tuesday after the publication of our editorial, asking President Abbas to release Shahwan immediately.

ALL ARAB NEWS has also been told that Palestinian intelligence and security officials are reviewing the situation to make sure that Rev. Shahwan and his family are not in any physical danger from extremists when he is released.

Veteran Palestinian affairs reporter Khaled Abu Toameh reported that “unidentified gunmen fired several shots” at Shahwan’s Christian ministry center in the Bethlehem area “in protest” of the controversial meeting between the pastor and Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a former member of the Israeli parliament.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

But sources tell us that Palestinian security services are determined to make sure no violence erupts when Shahwan is released.

Abbas and his advisors are trying to keep things calm during Ramadan, especially after a wave of terror attacks against Israelis in recent weeks.

Palestinian Evangelical leaders have been working for more than a month to get Shahwan released.

Several pastors tell ALL ARAB NEWS they are cautiously optimistic that their friend and brother could be released in the next 24 to 48 hours.

But they are asking Christians in the region and around the world to keep praying for the situation, and for the safety and religious freedom of all Palestinian citizens.

This is a developing story – if and when Shahwan is released, ALL ARAB NEWS will report this both on our website and on our Twitter feed.

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