Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh confirmed that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is still waiting for a call from U.S. President Joe Biden.

But, that will happen soon, Shtayyeh believes.

“Numerous contacts were made with the American administration, and many files were discussed, and it was emphasized that the Palestinian issue should be present on the American docket,” Shtayyeh was quoted as having told the Donia Al-Watan news website.

One such step toward reconciliation has already been made: The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced that the Biden administration will give $15 million to help them fight COVID-19 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Nevertheless, the administration is taking a less hands-on approach to the Middle East in general. Biden also took his time phoning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, placing the call to the Jewish state leader in February, nearly a month after his inauguration.

During the call, Biden praised the cooperation between the two countries, reiterated America’s support of Israel and underscored “the importance of working to advance peace throughout the region, including between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Bilateral relations between the PA and the United States are thawing after a three-year fissure under former President Donald Trump, who closed the Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Washington, cut off financial aid to the PA, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. embassy there.

Now, with Trump gone, the PA hopes Biden will walk back some of those moves and bring the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict back to the forefront of the international arena. The PA is counting on the United States to help mediate the conflict.

At the same time, Palestinian political analysts speculate whether the new Democrat leadership can find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Based on former President Barack Obama’s eight-year term, which also failed to exact any progress, expectations are low.

Palestinians rejected Trump’s Deal of the Century saying it heavily favored Israel in its attempt to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

However, some Palestinians wonder whether they missed an opportunity they might not get back.

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