Fully 61 percent of Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza expect former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to win the American presidential elections on Nov. 3.

But “only 21 percent expect a positive change” in U.S. policy towards the Palestinian Authority if Biden wins, “while 34 percent believe U.S. policy will not change and 35 percent expect it to become worse.”

Only 30 percent believe Donald Trump will win re-election.

These are results of a new poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip between Sept. 9-12.

The survey also found that Palestinians overwhelmingly reject the recent peace treaties that the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain have negotiated with Israel.

And pessimism regarding their own prospects for peace with Israel is sky high.

  • 63 percent view the normalization agreement between the UAE and Israel as a major event that represents a significant regional shift while 32 percent view as minor development.
  • 86 percent believe the agreement serves only the interests of Israel while 8 percent think it serves the interests of both the Palestinians and the Israelis and only 1 percent think it serves the interests of the Palestinians only.
  • Asked the public to pick one word that represents its sentiments toward the normalization agreement, the majority of Palestinians (53 percent) picked “betrayal,” 17 percent picked “abandonment” 13 percent “insult,” 9 percent “indifference,” 6 percent “sadness,” while only 1 percent picked words like “satisfaction,” “pride” and “joy.”
  • Most Palestinians (57 percent) believe that the majority among the Arab public is opposed to the normalization agreement while 20 percent believe an Arab majority supports it.
  • A large majority (70 percent) believes that other Arab countries, such as Bahrain, Oman, Sudan, and Morocco, will sign similar agreements with Israel, while 24 percent believe they will not do that.
  • 80 percent believe that Saudi Arabia has given the green light to the UAE to sign the normalization agreement, and 82 percent believe that Saudi Arabia too will sign a similar peace treaty with Israel.
  • 78 percent believe that the Egyptian decision to welcome the normalization agreements represents an abandonment of the Palestinian leadership led by Abbas.

One of the most interesting findings of the new survey was that 53 percent of Palestinians “believe that the blame for the normalization deal falls on the shoulders of the Palestinians themselves due to their division and due to the fact that they have recognized Israel and normalized relations with it long before the others, while 42 percent disagree with this view.”

What’s more, “a majority of 62 percent views the UAE defection from the previous declared Arab consensus on Palestine as a great failure for Palestinian diplomacy,” while “31 percent do not share this view.”

Palestinian anger with the Trump administration continues to mount.

The poll found that 92 percent of Palestinians oppose the White House’s peace plan widely referred to as the “Deal of the Century.”

Opposition has actually increased by 4 points over the past three months.

Only 5 percent of Palestinians say they support the Trump peace plan.

“A majority of 71 percent is opposed…to a resumption of dialogue between the Palestinian leadership and the Trump Administration,” the poll found.

That represents a 2-point increase in opposition over the past three months.

Only 19 percent of Palestinians support resuming official contacts between the PA and the U.S. government.

Talks between the two governments were suspended by Abbas in December 2017 after President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the American Embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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