The United States Defense Intelligence Agency on Tuesday issued a seven-page report confirming the Russian military’s use of Iranian drones in Ukraine.

Based on open-source images, the report sought to provide documentation of the lethal deployment of Iranian drones in Ukraine by visualizing the similarities of Iranian drones used in Ukraine with those deployed in the Middle East/

The report provided detailed information about Russia’s use of Iranian drones, such as Shahed-136, Shahed-131 and Mohajer-6. Following initial denials, the Iranian regime eventually admitted that it had provided drones to the Russian military.

The U.S. intelligence report on Iranian drones in Ukraine came shortly after the British government shared intelligence with the United Nations concerning the Iranian regime’s illegal transfer of advanced weapons to the Houthis, its terrorist proxy in Yemen.

Last year, the British vessel HMS Montrose seized a shipment of Iranian cruise missiles and drones in the Gulf of Oman earmarked for the Houthis in Yemen.

“This evidence indicated a direct link between the Iranian state and the smuggling of missile systems being used by the Houthis to attack the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” the British Ministry of Defense stated.

The UK stressed that the Iranian drones threaten the stability of the Middle East, as well as Ukraine.

“The threat posed by long-range weapons made in Iran is not limited to the Middle East. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Iran has supplied hundreds of Shahed one-way attack drones to Russia.”

“These attacks have killed civilians and damaged critical national infrastructure (such as power substations) far from the front lines of the conflict,” the UK Defense Ministry added.

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