The front pages of numerous Arab newspapers on Tuesday provided surprisingly positive coverage of the peace talks underway in Abu Dhabi.

Israeli and American diplomatic teams are engaged in two days of talks to finalize a peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, and prepare for a White House signing ceremony, expected later this month.

Striking was the prominent and positive coverage in several Saudi publications, given that Saudi government officials have been tempered in their public comments about the deal thus far.

The front-page of the Saudi Gazette showed a photo of the El Al Israeli plane in Abu Dhabi with the headline, “Dawn of a new era in Mideast.”

Online and satellite coverage in Saudi Arabia and several other Gulf states has also been remarkable supportive.

Positive, front-page coverage of UAE-Israeli peace talks in Arab papers. (photo credit: screen shots of images Tweeted by Arab papers / ALL ARAB NEWS staff)


Consider just a sampling of the headlines in the past 24 hours.

As expected, Iranian, Turkish and Qatari media outlets and commentators have been almost uniformly hostile to the UAE’s decision to make peace with Israel.

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