Citing the story first broken last week by ALL ARAB NEWS, the Washington Examiner newspaper has published the results of a ground-breaking poll by John Zogby showing the vast majority of Saudis see a pathway to peace and the normalization of relations with Israel.

Paul Bedard, writes the “Washington Secrets” column for the Examiner, also interviewed ALL ARAB NEWS founder and editor-in-chief Joel C. Rosenberg for his story, particularly on the possible political implications of the survey.

Bedard’s story was widely circulated and re-Tweeted by administration officials and Mideast experts over the weekend.

“In a surprise that experts didn’t see coming, most Arabs in countries that would be affected by President Trump’s Middle East peace plan endorse the pathway to normalized relations with Israel,” wrote Bedard.

“In the survey, a remarkable 7 in 10 people in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Jordan said they also feel that normalization is coming despite what Palestinian leaders do to resist peace with the Jewish state,” Bedard added.

“Such findings would have seemed preposterous 5 or 10 years ago,” said a report on “the findings in Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg’s All Arab News.

Rosenberg told Secrets that the survey “is the most dramatic public evidence we’ve seen not only that the Saudi public is steadily warming towards peace with Israel, but that the much-criticized strategy of President Trump to advance Arab-Israeli peace, and an Arab-Israeli strategic alliance against Iran, is actually working.”

He also said that the issue and Trump’s success in getting countries to sign on to normalization should be taken into account by voters next month.

“If Trump is reelected, the path is open towards a Saudi-Israeli peace treaty that would become the biggest breakthrough in history, in part because Riyadh trusts Trump. If Biden wins, the path becomes more complicated because Biden has been so hostile in his statements towards the Saudis and because he is so distrusted in Riyadh, having been one of the architects of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal,” he said.

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