The Swedish embassy in Baghdad, Iraq was stormed and set on fire by hundreds of protesters early Thursday morning. The crowd was reportedly expressing its objection to the expected burning of another Quran in Sweden, scheduled for Thursday.

Swedish police granted permission on Wednesday for a public meeting to take place outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm the following day.

Swedish media reported the gathering was expected to include the burning of the Quran and the Iraqi flag. In addition, the man who burned a Quran outside a Stockholm mosque last month was expected to participate.

The protesters in Baghdad were supporters of the powerful Shi’ite cleric Muqtada Sadr, who has hundreds of thousands of followers. The protesters chanted “Yes, yes to the Quran,” as they sought to storm the Swedish embassy.

Eyewitnesses told CNN that “the protesters withdrew from the perimeter of the Swedish Embassy after setting part of it on fire ‘after delivering their message of protest against the act of burning the Holy Book of God.’”

In late June, the burning of the Quran by an Iraqi refugee outside of a mosque in Stockholm drew widespread condemnation from Muslim countries.

“This is racism and incitement to violence and hatred,” a spokesperson for the Iraqi government said at the time. “This odious act, which has offended the feelings of millions of Muslims, is also damaging to the people of the West, who pride themselves on embracing diversity and respect for the beliefs of others and the protection of religions and the rights of their followers.”

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