In a video that is creating a buzz in the Arab world, Syrian journalist and blogger Maggie Khozam weighed in on the Sheikh Jarrah property dispute and defended an Israeli organization’s claims in the decades-old legal case.

The outspoken vlogger outlined, in Arabic, why four families residing in the East Jerusalem neighborhood have received an order to be evicted from their homes. 

She asks: “Do these four have any deeds or leases? Shouldn’t all homeowners have a lease? Right? Speaking on the humanitarian issues, if they have any documents, they are welcome to present them and we are all going to stand with them and say that Israel didn’t have a right to evict them,” she said. “These are the rightful owners of these homes and shouldn’t be evicted.”

Khozam then goes on to show official documents from Jordan, which was in control of the disputed area of Jerusalem from 1948 until 1967.

“Now it will be more clear. Jordan rented out 28 homes and invited these families to live there, those families lived in these houses for no more than 50 years, the Palestinian families. Jordan rented out these homes from Jews – that’s what these documents say. These homes are owned by Jews! It is under their names. The ownership is under their names and the documents prove this and until this day not even one person from the Palestinian Authority or Hamas nor from the Palestinian families, not even one person came forward with a document to prove their ownership.”

“And that’s why Israel won the case for these houses,” she concludes.

Khozam is a Christian from Syria, a former journalist who retired from the media and immigrated to America due to the Civil War in Syria. She is a human rights activist and she also preaches the Gospel on social media.

Khozam conducts many dialogues about Islam and Muslims and debates Islamic scholars on Islam and the Qur’an on her social media channels, which has made her a target in the Arab world.

She has also been attacked by the Syrian regime for exposing its crimes in Syria.

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