“While betraying the Palestinian cause to serve its narrow interests, the UAE is trying to present this as a kind of act of self-sacrifice for Palestine — history and the conscience of the people living in the region will not forget and never forgive this hypocritical behavior,” argued the Turkey Foreign Ministry in a statement issued Friday.

“The UAE leadership has no authority to hold negotiations with Israel on behalf of the Palestinian people and administration, nor make concessions that are critical for Palestine,” the statement added.

The Daily Sabah, a pro-government Turkish daily newspaper, noted that President Recip Erdogan and his government have “rejected” President Trump’s “vision for peace,” insisting that “it would not support any plan that is not accepted by Palestinian authorities” and adding that “peace in the Middle East would not be obtained if policies based on occupation did not end.

In its coverage, Reuters also highlighted Turkey’s accusation that the leaders of the UAE are engaged in “hypocritical behavior.”

 Yet the Turkish government has had full diplomatic relations with the State of Israel going back to 1949.

Turkey opened its first diplomatic mission with Israel in 1950.

Despite seasons of tension in the relationship, Turkey was actually the first non-Arab Sunni Muslim country to establish diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, and made their decision to do so without waiting for the Palestinians or any of the Arab states to make peace with Israel.

Indeed, Turkish has historically had far closer tourism and trade relations with Israel than Egypt and Jordan.

Yet Reuters cited the Turkish Foreign Ministry saying, “It is extremely worrying that the UAE should, with unilateral action, try and do away with the (2002) Arab Peace Plan developed by the Arab League. It is not in the slightest credible that this three-way declaration should be presented as supporting the Palestinian cause.”

President Erdogan has been ramping up his anti-Israel rhetoric in recent years, and putting out the welcome mat to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations, both violent and non-violent.

A growing number of geopolitical analysts believe Erdogan is a political Islamist who is trying to lay the groundwork to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, which was the seat of the Islamic caliphate for hundreds of years.

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