Not everybody is going to be happy about the launch of ALL ARAB NEWS.

But we believe it will fill an important void in the media coverage of the modern Middle East. So, despite the avalanche of criticism we know we are going to receive, we’re proudly moving forward anyway.

Let us both explain why.

My Perspective: Joel C. Rosenberg, Editor-in-Chief

It may seem odd for a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen – from a Jewish background on my father’s side, and with a devout Evangelical faith and a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ – to create and edit a website called, ALL ARAB NEWS.

But the reason is simple: So many voices and perspectives in the Arab world are being ignored, misrepresented, or viciously attacked.

I am simultaneously launching ALL ISRAEL NEWS because I believe there is far too much bias in the media and the academic world and at the U.N. and in many world capitals against Israel and the Jewish people. At the same time, ALL ISRAEL NEWS will definitely be covering events and trends in the broader Arab and Muslim world because these directly effect our security and well-being.

But the truth is that most of my Arab Muslim friends – and definitely most of my Arab Christian friends (both Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical) across the Middle East and North Africa – would not be comfortable being interviewed, quoted or profiled by a site called, ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

Why not, therefore, create ALL ARAB NEWS as a site that will give them a chance to be heard and understood?

As an Evangelical, I believe we must follow the words of Jesus, who commanded us to love our neighbors. Loving them means listening to them, seeking to truly understand their lives and their views, their hurts and fears, their dreams and goals. Loving them means letting them speak, and showing honor to their perspectives, even if we don’t always agree with each other.

What’s more, many of the threats that endanger Israel also endanger my Arab neighbors. For years, the Islamic State waged a horrific, ghastly genocide against Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria. But they also killed, raped and maimed far more Arab Muslims than any Arab-Israeli war ever did, as painful as those have been.

The apocalyptic, bloodthirsty regime in Iran does not simply want to wipe Israel off the map. They also want to encircle and seize by one means or another the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and others. They want to subvert or fully overthrow moderate governments and monarchies from Egypt to Jordan and beyond. The Iranian leadership is ruining the lives of Syrian Arabs and Lebanese Arabs, not to mention Arabs living in Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.

As I see it, Arabs and Israelis have more common ground than most people see or admit.

Now, I realize many will be suspicious of an Israeli Evangelical as the founder and editor-in-chief of ALL ARAB NEWS.

Nevertheless, I’m pressing forward.

I’ve hired an amazing team of Palestinian and Lebanese Evangelicals to help me.

We have remarkable Arab sources throughout the region.

And by God’s grace, we’ve assembled an extraordinary Advisory Board made of up Muslims and Christians, some Arab, some not.

We’ll do our best – and let you be the judge.

I’m especially honored that my friend, Khalil Sayegh, has joined our team both as an Advisory Board member, and senior correspondent for ALL ARAB NEWS.

As a Palestinian journalist born in Gaza and living in Ramallah, he and I don’t agree on everything. But we respect each other.

And I believe he is an important voice you need to hear. 

My Perspective: Khalil Sayegh, Advisory Board member and Senior Correspondent

As a Palestinian Christian who lives in Ramallah, in the heart of the West Bank, I find it disturbing to follow the news of the Middle East in the Western media.

It is hard to watch one stream of media or the other and not come away with the conclusion that certain people, nations or religions are bad. I am saddened by some of the anti-Arab sentiments in the media, as well as the anti-Islam, and anti-Semitic content.

Not only that, but many times as I travel around the world and meet new people, I am surprised that the only thing most people know about the Middle East is its conflict, which is very sad because it is an area that is very rich in its history, culture, and good people.

Sayegh and Rosenberg taping videos at a studio in Jerusalem. (photo credit: ALL ARAB NEWS staff)


That said, there is a growing curiosity around the world about the Middle East, but it often comes alongside a lack of knowledge regarding the region’s history, culture, and politics.

So the question is: How can we help people understand the region better?

That’s why we have created ALL ARAB NEWS. We are working on providing original stories and content about the area, from the indigenous people who live in it. We will cover all kinds of news, from cultural, archaeological, religious, financial, geopolitical and more.

At ALL ARAB NEWS, we have a commitment to diversity that is represented in our staff, which includes Palestinians, Lebanese and Israelis, and our Advisory Board, which includes prominent Arab Muslim leaders, Arab Christians, and American Evangelical Christians who care deeply about our part of the world and have travelled extensively here.

This Advisory Board will provide us with important advice on how to handle different issues in the region. Indeed, they already have been for the past several months as we have been preparing for Launch Day.

We believe it is crucial when it comes to avoiding prejudice and bias to have a diverse range of board members, each of whom will offer their points of view.

In addition to that, we are working hard to find the most and best credible content, including content produced by our own team and links to the best reporting in the region.

One of the other special things about ALL ARAB NEWS is that we will provide the opinions of unique voices in the region whom you wouldn’t likely hear elsewhere.

Too many news agencies have a politicized perspective and favor a certain ideological agenda, where different opinions are not welcomed. For example, many media outlets in the Middle East simply would not publish commentary or analysis by a Palestinian like myself who believes in the possibility of peace with Israel and who does not only criticize Israeli policies, but criticizes the actions of Palestinian leaders as well.

At ALL ARAB NEWS, we want to give voice to those whom the others are ignoring.

ALL ARAB NEWS is the one place where you can get a comprehensive understanding of the most important news and trends in the Middle East and why it matters.

I hope you’ll read us every day, and share our stories with family and friends.

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