America is considering closing its embassy in Iraq after attacks targeting its forces, Baghdad embassy and the troops and interests of other countries in the international coalition, according to media reports.

In addition, Americans are concerned about an impending attack in the Green Zone on the embassy and a possible hostage situation, according to Al-Arabiya.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo apparently informed Iraqi President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi of a possible embassy closure.

While no group has claimed responsibility for carrying out frequent attacks against U.S. interests, Washington suspects Iraqi armed factions loyal to Tehran of being behind them.

Losing American support

The closure of the American embassy would spell an end to U.S.-Iraqi relations, meaning Iraq losing its most important ally against terrorism and its primary military and financial supporter.

Al-Kazemi the Iraqi prime minister had a golden opportunity to deal a fatal blow to these militias by using his power to dissolve them. Because the Mobilization Law is illegal and opposes Article 9 of the constitution, and anything that opposes the constitution is considered illegal.

There could be a political and military risk in this scenario, but it remains the only and best solution to restrain these armed factions, as Iraq is affected by these militias. Under the current situation the Iraqi people, government and economy are suffering.

American threat to close its embassy

Iraq has officially called on the United States of America to reverse its decision to potentially close its embassy in Baghdad saying it sends the wrong signal to the Iraqi people. It has reassured Washington that it takes serious measures to protect diplomatic missions.

It also put Iraq in the awkward position of possibly losing more international support, whether with current government or a future one.

On the other hand, the American threat could also be an indirect message to Iran’s allies. The Americans have made clear that any future Iraqi government should act as a balance of power to the Iranians and exists to ensure U.S. interests in the region.

These pro-Iranian militias are seeking to embarrass Iraq and the current Iraqi government. And closing the U.S. embassy, which could lead to a mass withdrawal from Iraq, is probably the ultimate goal of militias loyal to Tehran.

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